ECISD launches new technology initiative

Students use new tools to develop critical thinking skills.

East Central ISD children from elementary through ninth grade are making use of iPads to enhance learning. This fall, the district launched the EC3 (Connected Collaborative Critical Thinking) Initiative across seven schools in 14 classrooms.

After intense faculty training, approximately 120 students were issued iPads to use in class to enrich learning communities. The new technology will enable students to engage in  the 4 C’s: Creating, Collaborating, Communicating and Critical thinking (problem-solving skills). So instead of students watching math videos, they’ll be able to create them. Like wise, digital narratives can now be used by both educators and students as they reflect on instruction and learning materials/outcomes.

With the  robust technologies in place, East Central teachers will have a database to create and share lesson plans and document experiences using a reflection blog.

Learn more about the EC3 Initiative at East Central ISD.

Photo Courtesy: East Central ISD