Lackland ES Mentoring Programs provide support

School Counselors at Lackland Elementary School  deal with more than typical student questions and concerns. They provide guidance to students dealing with parent deployment.

The “Hearts Apart” program is designed to assist elementary students with the transition of a family member’s deployment from pre-deployment to reuniting families. Helping students understand the process and being there to lend support makes this a favorite mentoring program for school counselor Laura Everest.

“Currently, we have about 40 kids in the program,” Everest said, adding the open door policy provides a sense of comfort year-round. The overall wellness of the students includes special monthly lunch dates and craft activities.

Mentoring Program
Another program designed to offer student encouragement is the district’s Mentoring Program. Children who participate in the program are paired up with a Civilian or Military Adult member who meets the Mentee once  a month for homework assistance or fun recreational play. The Mentors are invited to join the Mentees for lunch any day of the week.

The adult participants enjoy the opportunity to give back by volunteering while students reap the benefits to share and get assistance as needed.

For more information about the mentoring programs at Lackland Elementary School, contact Counselor Laura Everest at everest.l@lacklandisd.net or Counselor Kimberli Johnson at johnson.k@lacklandisd.net.

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Photo Courtesy: Lackland ISD