Solar-powered race cars motivate students

Solar-powered race cars motivate students

Annual solar-powered car race makes science and math fun.

Northside Independent School District (NISD) recently held its 18th Texas Solar Race Car Event  with 60 Northside elementary schools competing.

The races are not only fun, but they remind students that learning and applying science and math facts can be easy and exciting.

Northside School Board President Bobby Blount helps organize the annual event. “I love seeing the students’ excitement as they compete,” says Blount. “This is a real-life problem for teams to solve and it’s important that students see science and math as fun. These races help do just that.”

The day-long event had 252 teams participating through various stages of the race. At the end of the day, the Braun Station Red Flash took the top prize.

Congratulations to all the racers!

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Photo Courtesy: Northside ISD