Campers at MicroSociety city experience City Hall

Campers at MicroSociety city experience City Hall

Students in St. Philip’s K-8 Summer Academy met with councilmen/women last month.

The student leadership for St. Philips College’s 2014 KIDS Camp MicroSociety got the opportunity to attend a City Council meeting back in June.  The students in grades K-8th were greeted by none other than Mayor Julián Castro (now U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary), who gave student mayor Sean Godley and the others a few words of advice.

“Hello Mayor Godley!” Mayor Castro said as he greeted the kids. “We are proud of you and the effort you are making and the program you are in.  We hope that in the years to come that you reach all your dreams. Keep going to school. Just know that you all can accomplish your dreams.”

Upon the field trip to City Hall, student mayor Sean Godley and student city manager, Doreen Hansen, were also able to speak at the podium to the city council members. The kids then wrote memoirs of their visit.

“I learned people were able to speak their minds about their thoughts on the city,” Godley said. “It taught me how to work during our meetings; it taught me to keep stuff in order. My job as mayor is to make sure everybody gets a job they like, so they have fun doing what they are doing. If I’m not there, they are prepared to take over, ready for whatever happens,” said Godley.

The MicroSociety camp enables kids to partake in nine weeks of leadership and discovery. Students learn about important issues in San Antonio and explore the possible solutions. Role playing allows them to understand the responsibilities and duties of different professions, giving them an insight into what career path might interest them.

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Photo Courtesy: alamo.edu

Submitted by Sean Walker, COSA Ambassador