Students win big at Twist-O-Rama Challenge

Students win big at Twist-O-Rama Challenge

A team of seven students from San Antonio recently placed third in a global competition.

Seven fifth-grade students from Woodridge Elementary in the Alamo Heights Independent School District (AHISD) received third place in the “Twist-O-Rama” challenge at the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals held in Knoxville, Tennesse. Their team, known as Full Force, was the highest-placing U.S. team in both its school level and challenge, losing only to two teams from China.

The competition was sponsored by Destination ImagiNation Inc., a nonprofit organization that encourages students to enhance their creativity skills through teamwork and problem-solving situations. In the Twist-O-Rama challenge, Full Force members told an original story that included an unexpected twist while also testing a structure by adding weights and subjecting it to impacts.

Beginning last September, the Full Force team met several times a week preparing for the national competition through problem-solving simulations and structure development. After several home- and school-meetings, the group decided bamboo chopsticks would be the best material for their structure. Their storyline, which was required by competition guidelines, included two students who are sucked into the Internet while researching a project on Abraham Lincoln.

Alamo Heights funded the schools’ trip to the global competition, and was the only district in the San Antonio area that had teams in varying levels of the competition.

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Submitted by: Frank Espinoza, City of San Antonio Ambassador

Photo Courtesy: San Antonio Express-News