What do you get when you cross an elementary school with practical learning and a fully functioning city? If you’re in San Antonio’s Harlandale Independent School District you get Adamsville!

It’s a one-of-a-kind micro-society founded at Adams Elementary in 2010.
It was launched by the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce through a monetary gift from AT&T, with the idea to teach students subjects like mathematics, spelling and reading by giving them the opportunity to govern their own society. The students run their own H-E-B grocery store, post office, TV news station, IBC Bank, and AT&T Conservation Center. They even make business transactions using play money called “Dream Dollars.”

Students at Adamsville have been appointed to every major position that helps facilitate the everyday governing and activities in a real, dynamic society. There is a mayor, bank president, newspaper editor, tax man and superintendent, just to name a few key positions.
“The kids are so excited. I’m so proud of them. You can truly see it really is their city,” said Principal Rita Uresti. “We are training our students early to make sure they are positive citizens in our society. I think you’re going to see future mayor’s, future state council’s and future CEO’s because they’re learning it at such a young age and they’ll take this with them forever.”

Adamsville is part of the MicroSociety movement.
There are 250,000 students and graduates of MicroSociety day and after school programs and their families, business and community partners, teachers, administrators and supporters are spread across 40 states. Evidence shows that children want to succeed and when learning is made relevant to their lives, they do!

Learn more about how to join the MicroSociety movement and create your own MicroSociety in your school: The Website