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CIS-SA to host summer residential program

CIS-SA to host summer residential program

TRiO Upward Bound summer programs help students experience college campus life and explore college and career opportunities.

Communities In School San Antonio (CIS-SA) TRiO Upward Bound Program is giving students an opportunity to explore college and career beginning June 8 through July 11. The summer programming aims to ready young students and their families for college.

TRiO Summer Programs
The Summer Residential Program gives 40 students access to a local university for an extended period of time.  Students live in dorms, go on campus tours, and even take classes to prepare themselves for the life of a college student.  Participants consist of incoming sophomores, juniors and seniors from South San Antonio and Somerset High Schools. This year the students will be visiting schools such as Texas A&M University, Texas Christian University, and the University of North Texas.

Upcoming seniors have the chance to work at San Antonio Water Systems. Under this program, students get hands-on experience and understanding of a career related to their major, in addition to a $300 stipend.  Upcoming juniors get the opportunity to volunteer at Legend Oaks Nursing homes as part of a community service project.  Additionally, graduating seniors can partake in the Summer Bridge Program, where they will take two classes at Palo Alto College and receive $200 for books and supplies.

On the last of the five weeks of the program, 20 students are selected to go on the “Out of State College Trip.” Participants are selected based off of their GPAs and their attendance to the Academic Saturday Program.  Last year, students visited schools in and around San Francisco.  This year participants will be going to Boston, visiting schools such as Harvard University, MIT, and Boston University.

The CIS-SA TRiO Upward Bound Program allows students to be subjected to future experiences, both encouraging and preparing them for college.

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Submitted by Sean Walker, COSA Ambassador

Photo Courtesy: Communities In Schools