Generation TX San Antonio officially made its debut with The Rock Your Future GenTX Fest in January.Since then, the organization has been igniting motivation and support to guide students on the path to college and career education.

In order to accomplish its core focus areas which include: focused marketing effort, in-school messaging, and serve as a hub for community coordination of resources to prepare San Antonio students for college and careers, GenTX is calling on community members to help spread the GenTX movement by creating “GenTXperts,” or Generation TX ambassadors.

To become a GenTXpert, you must share the same values and beliefs of GenTX. Whether you’re a student or an adult in the community, you must be willing to actively inspire communities to embrace the college-going culture.

With engaged GenTXpert training, you’ll learn more about Generation TX and its goals, receive tips for organizing communities and have access to great resources to help students prepare for college and career education.

GenTXperts are encouraged to share personal stories related to college readiness by contributing to the online community at
More so, as a GenTXpert, you’ll organize communities during special events, share information for academic deadlines, volunteer at various events, assist staff where needed, and promote Generation TX by encouraging family, friends, parents and co-workers to support the cause.

Aside from giving back to the community, GenTXperts are also rewarded for their commitment. Participants walk away with skills and knowledge to navigate their own path to college and career readiness and are given many opportunities to network with professionals. Networking opportunities helps students identify potential career interests. And if that isn’t enough reward, students who volunteer as GenTXperts can add this community service on their resumes and college applications, so every volunteer has an opportunity to make a difference in the community.

GenTXperts must commit to serve for at least one semester of the academic year. For more information about GenTXpert training, contact