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Graduation is extra special for Brandeis senior

Graduation is extra special for Brandeis senior

Northside ISD graduates received their high school diplomas last week, and it was especially meaningful for one particular senior.

Brandeis High School senior Damien Kasten, who has been confined to a wheelchair for most of his entire life, used a walker to aid him as he walked across the stage to receive his high school diploma.

Kasten, who was born with cerabal palsey and hydrocephalus, has faced an enormous amount of physical challenges. However with a with strong support system and lots of determination, he has gained independence and self-confidence.

With the aid of specialized electric wheelchair that helps him stand up and move, he’s been able to gain some independence. Additionally, Kasten has had a team of support specialists from Brandeis High School including physical and occupational therapists, special education teachers, technology specialists, fellow students, and an instructional assistant assigned full-time to Kasten.

“The staff here at Brandeis has been truly amazing,” Damien said, eyes welling with tears. “My teachers are awesome. My classmates have been truly helpful.”

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Photo Courtesy: Northside ISD