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High-fiving record raises bullying awareness

High-fiving record raises bullying awareness

In about 20 minutes, high school senior Darik Dillard broke a high-fiving record set in 2010 all to raise awareness to prevent bullying.

MacArthur High School students from the peer-assisted leadership class, also known as P.A.L.S, coordinated the event that involved all 2,215 students. The record-breaking event will have to be verified by the Guinness world record officials.

“When people are bullied, they don’t really go to the adults or administrators — it’s just something that happens underneath their noses,” Dillard said. “We just wanted to make sure that we expose it … and make people not afraid to stand up to it.”

Dillard, an all-star athlete and brother to NFL wide receiver Jarett Dillard, recently signed with Rice University. The P.A.L.S. class hopes to continue the record-breaking event next year.

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Photo Courtesy: BOB OWEN, San Antonio Express-News / © 2012 San Antonio Express-News
MacArthur High School Senior Darik Dillard (cq), attempts to set a new Guinness World Record of the most High Five’s in an hour. The old record was 1362 and he was able to get 2215 High Fives as he ran down the halls of the school. Guinness will be verifying his attempt which will take up to 6 weeks.