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San Antonio ISD promotes financial literacy

San Antonio ISD promotes financial literacy

With graduation just months away, many high school students are busy trying to make sense of the college admissions process, which includes learning ways to finance post-secondary education.

San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) wants to empower its students by giving them the tools needed to navigate through the college student aid process. During the month of January, SAISD is offering financial aid literacy instruction across its high schools.

Instruction is based on a curriculum developed by Eyra Perez of the San Antonio Education Partnership and Noé C. Ortiz of the Alamo Colleges. This initiative is supported by the Financial Aid Council of San Antonio and the Diplomás Project. These efforts are designed to addresses House Bill 34, which requires Texas schools to increase the financial competency of students.

Advisors from Advise Texas and the San Antonio Education Partnership will lead instruction on topics covering the types of financial aid, how to apply for financial aid, grants, scholarships, work study, loans, other ways to pay for college, financial aid formula, analyzing financial aid awards, avoiding scams, and creating a budget for college costs.

Other Resources
Families can get additional help during the Student Aid Saturdays. The events are offered at different locations throughout the city beginning Saturday, January 26. For a schedule of Student Aid Saturdays, click HERE. You can also meet with advisors at cafécollege, located at 131 El Paso St.

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