Students from Judson ISD have an opportunity to get college-credit classes and experience college culture while attending Judson Early College Academy (JECA).

JECA is both a high school and college. It is a result of a partnership between Judson ISD and Northeast Lakeview College.  The academy, located on the Northeast Lakeview Campus, first opened its doors in 2009. The program gives students an opportunity to obtain an Associate’s Degree and a distinguished high school diploma.

The rigorous high school/college is open 9th grade students who excel academically, but who may come from underserved areas or underpresented groups. Students must also have passing 8th grade TAKS scores and must be first generation students to complete a community or four year college degree.

Enrolled students participate in a four year program and commit to two summer sessions between sophomore and junior years. The small classes allow students to get individual and personal attention while dedicated teachers challenge students to achieve high academic performance.

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Photo Courtesy: Northeast Lakeview College