Social studies just got a little more interesting for high school students in the North East school district.

The International School of the Americas (ISA) magnet school at North East Independent School District is participating in year-long program that connects them with students in Jordan.

According to school director Kathy Beiser, ISA was one of 2o schools in the United States selected to participate in this special sponsored program by Bridges of Understanding and Global Nomads Group. The program promotes dialogue and discussions between United States and Arab high schools.

Twenty sophomore girls from ISA were selected to participate in the Youth Talk conferencing program. The girls will engage in four different video conferencing sessions with their Jordanian counterparts to share cultural differences and develop global competency and citizenship. This dynamic program gives students an opportunity to explore women’s rights, media & society, education, culture, and government & foreign policy through face-to-face discussions and project-based learning.

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Photo Courtesy: Global Nomads Group