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Part Time Students, Part Time Firefighters

Part Time Students, Part Time Firefighters

Students at Edison High School partake in a fire fighter program.

A total of 16 students in San Antonio Independent School District’s (SAISD) Public Safety Magnet participated in Edison High School‘s very first firefighter training program at San Antonio College’s (SAC) First Responders Academy.  Although the program was highly demanding (6 days a week and from 6:30 am – 5 pm on Saturdays), graduates gained up to 26 college-credit hours. Even more importantly, some students discovered their career path and learned life long skills. Many participants of the program are now looking to complete hazard material and  EMT certifications. Some students will use the skills they learned to enter the military at a higher rank or become firefighters themselves.

The program was directed by 27-year firefighting veteran Dr. Anthony Rogers. “What I see in these students is that they learned not only firefighting skills, but they also learned life skills – responsibility, respect, commitment, team work and courage,” Rogers said.

Next year the program will be available to juniors as well as seniors. Freshmen and sophomores will be designated specific classes to take to prepare them for the firefighter courses.

Participants of the program were like family to one another, making the training an enjoyable experience. Dr. Rogers said, “I was very teary-eyed this weekend because I grew very close to them and worked with them on a regular basis, and we became family.  I am excited for their future, but I will miss them dearly.”

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Photo Courtesy: San Antonio ISD