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Program help students visit campuses

Program help students visit campuses

Colleges offer travel assistance for economically-disadvantaged students who wish to visit their campus.

Before deciding what college is the best fit for you or your child, schedule a campus visit to ensure it is the right place to attend. Though there are thousands of colleges nationwide, stepping foot onto those campuses further away from home has become easier.

Most colleges provide travel assistance to students who wish to schedule a far-away-from-home visit to their campus. Through several fly-in programs, underrepresented students have the chance to experience multiple days of campus life.

Each school has criteria for students who wish to take advantage of fly-in programs along with online application. Learn more HERE. For a full list of schools providing travel services to prospective students, visit the listed website or click the link below.

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Submitted by: Frank Espinoza, City of San Antonio Ambassador

Photo Courtesy: College Greenlight