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Toltech T-STEM Academy Adds Sophomore Class

The T-STEM Academy on the city’s west side grew a little bigger this fall by adding a new sophomore class to its campus.

Edgewood ISD’s Toltech T-STEM Academy of Memorial High School continues to grow as it  adds a tenth grade class to its school this August. T-STEM is an acronym for Texas-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The “school-within-a-school” initiative launched last fall when 100 ninth grade students enrolled in the program. As district officials predicted, the academy will add a grade-level each year to become a 9-12 high school. Students will also be able to earn college-credit hours when they reach their junior and senior levels, thus allowing them to be better prepared for post-secondary learning.

The academy is housed in Truman Middle School and follows the same bell schedule as Memorial High School offering science, technology, engineering, math, English and social studies classes. Elective classes (P.E., art, athletics, JROTC and band) are taught at Memorial High School.

The program is designed around the T-STEM Blueprint provided by the Texas High School Project (THSP).  Because of the project-based curriculum, students were issued a  Netbook computer to use for completing assignments and for research purposes at school and at home.

This past summer, students participated in a seven-day  Toltech T-STEM Summer Learning Academy where they learned about the program’s expectations, participated in team projects and reinforced math and science skills. Toltech students will also be able to learn about robotics and participate in the Robotics Team at Memorial High School.

Learn more about Toltech T-STEM Academy by visiting the school website.

Photo Courtesy: Edgewood ISD