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Two Healy Murphy grads earn full scholarships

Two Healy Murphy grads earn full scholarships

When a traditional high school education doesn’t work, students turn to Healy Murphy.

Healy Murphy celebrated its spring graduation with 38 students receiving their high school diplomas. The class of 2012 also celebrated with scholarship recipients Giovanni Irizarry and Lauren Quintero; both students received a full scholarship to attend the University of the Incarnate Word.

One of the first alternative centers in San Antonio, Healy Murphy offers at-risk youth a non-traditional educational setting. It is best known for assisting teen moms.

Healy Murphy serves approximately 400 students each year. Approximately 50% of its students are pregnant teens, parenting teens or both. An onsite child development center provides care for the center’s teen parents.

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Photo Courtesy: Healy Murphy/Class of 2012