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AHISD Netbook Access narrows digital divide

Alamo Heights ISD is reaching out and connecting its students with computer access to ensure academic success.

A Connections Grant made possible through the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is bridging the digital divide for all students at Alamo Heights school district. The grant has provided approximately 60 students with Netbooks and Internet access through Verizon.

According to Jennifer Faulkner, director of instructional & informational technology, this program acknowledges that vast amounts of student curriculum is available online. Therefore, if some students are not able to access that material, then it impacts the entire school and student performance.

If it wasn’t for this program, many students would have to stay after school or find other means to access a computer. Faulkner is confident that the program will continue to grow and hopes that more students will be served.

The Connections Grant project allows campuses to demonstrate exemplary use of digital content and allows for building connections among schools, teachers and students.

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Photo Courtesy: Alamo Heights ISD