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Krueger teenagers publish children’s storybook

Krueger teenagers publish children’s storybook

North East school district students write storybook for children.

When most kids go home after school, a group of Krueger Middle School students attended an afterschool program hosted by Gemini Ink and sponsored by Rackspace Foundation. The 10 middle schoolers participated in weekly workshops to work on a storybook project that begin September 2011.

Students were led by writer-in-residence D. Ellis Phelps throughout the writing project. After selecting a theme (fantasies and myths), the students spent hours learning the mechanics of storybook writing, including word choice, imagery, syntax, grammar, story mapping to develop plot and more.

The collection of stories was illustrated by Carolina G. Flores and was published by Gemini Ink and is available for purchase. For more information, call 210-734-9673.

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Photo Courtesy: Gemini Ink/The Fairies’ Travels