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Leal MS students take on reading challenge

Leal MS students take on reading challenge

How many books would you read to win a Kindle Fire e-reader?

Two students at Leal Middle School each read over 13,000 pages when they signed up for the reading challenge. School librarian Roxie Hinosoja offered the competition last December as an opportunity to encourage more reading. The assignment guidelines required students to write a book review for each book they read. Hinojosa enlisted the support of Leal English Language Arts (ELA) teachers to motivate students to participate.

Over 300 students joined the challenge. At the 2nd Cup of Coffee parent engagement meeting held on Friday, April 13, 2012, the two winners were presented with their e-reader. Eighth grader Dasjion Jones read 13,034 pages, while seventh grade student Justin Garcia read the most pages: 13,320 pages. Aside from the e-readers, students who participated in the challenge were eligible for library prizes and extra credit was earned in their ELA class.

Hinojosa hopes to continue the reading challenge next Fall.

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Pictured Left – Right: Leal Middle School librarian Roxie Hinojosa, Dasjion Jones and Justin Garcia.