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Middle School Program curbs dropout rate

Middle School Program curbs dropout rate

Middle school students highlighted in a PBS special highlights communities who are reducing the dropout rate.

The Middle School Partners Program at San Antonio Independent School District was recently featured in a PBS documentary for the Independent Television Service as a part of the American Graduate initiative, a public media commitment supporting solutions to address the high school dropout crisis.

Local filmmakers Jim Mendiola and Faith Radle directed the short film “Skipping Up,”  which features educator Beth Adams and Mark Twain Middle School Partners Program students. The short film is part of a documentary collaboration featuring five other films about communities and schools who are directly impacting efforts to turn the dropout rate around. The films can be seen on the PBS website.

The Middle School Partners Program launched as a pilot for district students who were at risk of dropping out. The program is designed for over-age middle schoolers who need to earn credits for high school and get back into grade level with their peers.  Participating students attend the Partners Program for two class periods during the school day to earn the credits needed to catch up and advance to high school.

Because of the pilot’s success, SAISD received a $14 million grant to expand the program across all the middle schools in the district. For more information about the Middle School Partners Program, call (210) 223-1987.

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Photo Courtesy: The Rivard Report / San Antonio Independent School District