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SAISD recognizes Duke TIP participants

SAISD recognizes Duke TIP participants

San Antonio ISD recognized a very “talented” group of seventh graders.

Approximately 200 seventh grade students from the district were recognized for their participation in the 7th Grade Talent Search, or Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP).

The Duke TIP program identifies academically talented seventh graders who perform exceptionally well on the standardized test (SAT or ACT college entrance exams). Students were recognized with a certificate and were invited to visit the UTSA Mobile GO Center and participate in robotics activities.

The robotic activities served as a preview of what Duke TIP participants can expect from their summer program. Some of the other benefits of the Duke TIP program include access to online test prep courses, scholar weekends, a subscription to a language-learning program, and more.

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Photo Courtesy: San Antonio ISD