Middle School

Young Achievers Opens Young Minds to College

Exactly what is Young Achievers? What does it do and how does it work?
KSAT-TV did an excellent job of explaining the program in a story for their newscast; click HERE to see it for yourself.

Young Achievers is a program of the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio.
The idea is to foster college awareness in a part of the community where a higher education is normally not an after-high school option. The top 8th grade students at Rhodes and Terrell Wells Middle Schools, and their parents, are chosen for after school mentoring with the aim to familiarize the students with a college-bound mindset, breaking down the fears and perceived barriers of attending college.

How it works.
• Each Program builds self-esteem, self confidence, and self awareness.
• They encourage each student to reach beyond their immediate knowledge.
• They develop knowledge and social skills that lead to a well rounded student.
• Annual Award: 3 Week Summer Scholarship to a major college or university to study a core subject. Colleges are provided by Duke Tip Program at Duke University.
• Professional Development: Our Mentors provide a successful image for our students. They provide valuable information on how students should conduct themselves in school and in the business world.

The program’s success has been outstanding.
3 Alumni are Top 3 in their class (10th grade) at their respective high schools. Our first scholarship recipient is an outstanding student in the IBC Program at Burbank High School. He graduates in May of 2011.

For information about how you can participate, become a member or help support the program please contact Armando Camina: acamina@begreatsa.org