Professional development inspires JISD teachers

Professional development inspires JISD teachers

They don’t normally wear capes and leap over tall buildings, but these Judson ISD teachers were reminded to find their own “superhero” within.

The new school year is less than a week away and teachers across the city are returning back to their campuses to prepare lesson plans and classrooms. Judson ISD has been full of activity this week.

Staff and teachers from Hopkins Elementary in the Judson school district were encouraged to assess how their daily presence can inspire, motivate and change young lives. During a professional development workshop, teachers created their own “superhero capes” and wrote positive characteristics that they bring to their students and fellow co-workers.

Parents, what “superhero” qualities do you see in your child’s teacher? I bet if you look hard, you’ll find one or two qualities that make your child’s teacher shine.

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Photo Courtesy: Judson ISD