Studies show adult learners not too old to learn

Studies show adult learners not too old to learn

Anyone can learn a new skill; we just need to make time for it, research suggests.

In a report from New Scientists journal, studies reveal that adults have the capacity to learn as young children. Unfortunately, as adults age, they lose their confidence and get too busy to make the commitment to learn.

Unlike children who will jump into a new activity, adults get caught up on the details and worry about being perfect, the article states. One study found that adults who listened to audio of exaggerated baby talk of mothers cooing to babies were able to learn foreign accents at a quicker rate.

Professor Ellen Bialystok (CORR), of Toronto University in Canada, said, “People talk more slowly and clearly to children, in short, simple sentences.” Thus, adult language learners had greater success.

Given this scientific research, would you make the effort to finally learn to play that guitar you purchased years ago or perhaps learn a new language?

Why not?

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