SPC’s WINTO Program

When you were little, did you ever say you wanted to be a computer engineer? How about a firefighter?

Or an architect? Well, if you were a young girl, then you probably were not considering these types of jobs as a child. In fact, female students enrolled in historically-dominated fields 20 years ago comprised a small number compared to their male counterparts.

Fast-forward two decades later and Congressional legislation in the early 1990’s to train women in nontraditional jobs, and now you have a growing trend in programs specifically designed for women in nontraditional occupations, or WINTO.

A nontraditional occupation means that women or men comprise 25% or less of total employment in that field.

The WINTO program at St. Philip’s College Southwest Campus aims to provide a path to a successful working life. Industry programs options include welding, aviation, automotive, heating & air conditioning, diesel/heavy equipment, homebuilding/construction and architectural drafting.

For more information about these exciting career programs, contact James Wright at 210-486-7054 or visit the college web site.