Study Links Music Education to Verbal Memory

Study Links Music Education to Verbal Memory

Here’s another reason to invest in your child’s music lessons.

A report from a study in Germany supports the importance of music education for children in primary schools. The study tracked seven- and eight-year-old boys and girls who received music lessons and those who did not. According to the results, the children who received musical training showed significant verbal memory compared to children who only received the basic school curriculum.

The study was conducted over 18 months on two different groups of students. Those students who received the special music education were encouraged to practice at home daily for 45 minutes.

“Across one and one-half years, children in the music group showed a greater increase on every measure of verbal memory than the natural science and control groups,” researchers noted.

While more research is needed, it’s clear that music education does influence cognitive and language development in elementary-aged student and might also benefit preschool children.

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