Fenley Center provides parent-child classes

Fenley Center provides parent-child classes

The children who attend the Fenley Center aren’t the only ones getting quality education. Program participants develop parenting skills with hands-on classes and workshops.

The Fenley Center, a partnership made possible by Harlandale school district and AVANCÉ-San Antonio, provides Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 instruction to area children. The Center offers ten full-day preschool classrooms on site, including two bilingual classes.  Additionally, AVANCÉ offers free licensed child care for 0-3 year olds while their parents attend parenting classes.  A home-based Early Head Start program serves 0-3 year olds in homes throughout Harlandale ISD.

Parenting Classes
One day each week  for four and half hours, parents meet at Fenley Center for classroom instruction. The program consists of two specialized classes: Toy Making and Parenting Skills. Both classes are designed to empower parents with the skills they need to supplement their child’s instruction outside the classroom and provide parents with relevant and timely topics.

In the Toy Making class, parents will make up to 22 toys from materials normally found in the home. These low-cost but practical toys are to be used in the home with children to stimulate learning. Toys include dolls, nesting cans, costumes, drums and more. Additionally, parents have the opportunity to share in topics and workshops in financial literacy, nutrition and career readiness.

Other support services parents have access to include extended care for working families/or families going to school, transportation for extended care, father involvement, home visits, family goal setting, referrals and guidance. Overall, the Fenley Center serves over 400 adults and their children each year.

AVANCÉ-San Antonio also provides parent-child classes at Carmen P. Cortez Center at 103 S. San Jacinto using the same model as Fenley Center.

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