Get the facts on early childhood ed at Pre-K 4 SA

Get the facts on early childhood ed at Pre-K 4 SA

Education is an investment in the future. This is the message that the San Antonio mayor is hoping will convince voters on November 6.

Pre-K 4 SA is Mayor Julián Castro’s education initiative that is up for vote in November’s city election. If passed, Pre-K 4 SA will be funded by a 1/8 cent sales tax and other state and federal funds.

The program will create four Education Excellence Centers, two will open by Fall 2014 and the remaining two will open in time for the 2015 school year. The centrally-located centers will educate approximately 2,000 children each year at full enrollment. While the centers will be opened in phases, city officials expect to begin with 350 students per center then moving up to 500 children. In the projected eight-year plan, over 20,000 San Antonio children would be served.

Aside from providing excellent preschool education, Pre-K 4 SA program will provide professional development and training to teachers, teacher aides, community Pre-K providers and education leaders throughout San Antonio.

Who’s eligible?
Partnering school districts will help identify children who are eligible based on income level, parents’ military status, foster care, homelessness, and home language. A lottery will be used to determine which children will be selected to participate at the centers.

What if you’re not eligible based on the eligibility criteria?
Ten percent of enrollment at the model centers will be made available to children who do not fall within the State eligibility criteria. These families will pay varying levels of tuition based upon their income.

What’s the cost?
Pre-K 4 SA will cost the average San Antonio household less than $8 per year or $.65 per month.

Undecided? Access to preschool gives children a boost in developing literacy skills ensuring that children will be at reading level. Students who perform at level will most likely graduate on time; therefore, producing a skills-ready workforce.

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