Harlandale/AVANCE HeadStart

In partnership with AVANCÉ-San Antonio, the Harlandale ISD has dedicated its resources to expanding its Pre-K program that provides Head Start educational services to children in the district.
Since 1973, AVANCÉ has helped parents prepare their children for school by focusing on what they can do during the critical first years of their child’s life. Head Start serves families with children from 3 to 5 years of age.

This school year, Harlandale opened twenty-five additional Pre-K classrooms to serve approximately 500 more eligible Pre-K students. By doing so, the district increased its total Pre-Kindergarten numbers to seventy-seven Pre-K classrooms serving 1,254 Pre-K students.

Harlandale offers services to ten percent of the entire Bexar County Pre-K population of approximately 12,000 students. As a school district, Harlandale believes strongly in the benefits of early education instruction. It is passionate in its commitment to offer an outstanding Pre-K program.

Additionally, at the Fenley Center, AVANCÉ San Antonio offers licensed child care for 0-3 year olds while their parents attend parenting classes which include interactive lessons with their children, as well as topics such as toy-making, financial literacy, nutrition, and career readiness. A home-based Early Head Start program serves 0-3 year olds in homes throughout Harlandale ISD. Classes are offered for informal child care home providers, with access to a lending library of books and educational toys.

Harlandale/AVANCÉ Head Start Educational Services –Why It’s Important

Studies show that students who participate in strong early education programs are more likely to graduate in four years, take more advanced and higher level courses, and are less likely to drop out of school than students who attend an early education program. Research also indicates that students who attend a high-quality early education program are better equipped to face the rigors of school, as well as life.

Harlandale reports that Pre-K instruction increases student academic skills (language development), enhances social skills, and improves emotional and motor skills, problem-solving techniques and relationship abilities.

This early childhood educational program also includes ongoing student evaluations that can identify early interventions, such as speech processing and learning difficulties.

Harlandale/AVANCÉ Head Start Program Fact Sheet
The Head Start Program in San Antonio is helping low income and other eligible children and families of San Antonio and Bexar County with high-quality educational, nutritional, medical, dental, mental health, disability, and other services through strong partnerships that promote success through school readiness and family strengthening.

Harlandale ISD is AVANCÉ-San Antonio’s partner in providing Head Start Educational services to children in the district. Since 1973, AVANCÉ has helped parents prepare their children for school by focusing on what they can do during the critical first years of their child’s life. Head Start serves families with children from 3 to 5 years of age.

Educational Services Provided:
Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 Classrooms
Each classroom has three teaching staff: An HISD Texas Certified Teacher, AVANCÉ
Teacher Assistant (AA or BA in Education), and an AVANCÉ Teacher Aide (CDA credentialed)
Bilingual and Dual Language (50% Spanish-speaking and 50% English-speaking) Classrooms
Inclusion Classrooms (for children with developmental disabilities in the regular Pre-K setting)
Developmental and Social-Emotional Screenings
Vision and Hearing Screenings
Health and Dental Screenings
Nutritional Meals

Support Services:
Extended Care for Working families/or Families Going to School
Transportation for Extended Care
Parenting Education
Father Involvement
Home Visits
Family Goal Setting
Referrals and Guidance (Health Services, Mental Health Services, Community Resources)

Eligibility Criteria – Families:
with a child between 3 and 5 years old,
who meet income federal poverty guidelines, and
who lives within the Harlandale ISD service area.

Contact Information:
The Fenley Center Phone: (210)-921-7012
934 Flanders Email:
San Antonio, TX 78211

Harlandale/AVANCÉ Head Start – A Valued Partnership
This partnership with experienced agencies that promote quality early care and education is a valuable asset for success.

Harlandale School Superintendent Robert Jaklich values the Head Start partnership with AVANCÉ -San Antonio, an agency with a long history of early childhood education and parent advocacy. “By utilizing assets from both the Harlandale ISD and AVANCÉ-San Antonio, we are expanding and enhancing our Pre-Kindergarten services to our children and families,” says Jaklich. “ Students and families receive medical and dental evaluations, with referrals to physicians and dentists, extended care and summertime care for children with working parents, and a strong educational component connected to social services available to families in need.”

AVANCÉ Executive Director Becky Cervantes adds, “Early Head Start strives to provide families with the chance to better their lives. We believe that parents are their child’s first and most important teachers. Through the Early Head Start Program, children and their families can grow and learn to reach for the stars and make their dreams come true!”

Program Costs:

AVANCÉ San Antonio Parent Education Program:
$1,605 for 10 months per child participant ($7.20/day)

AVANCÉ San Antonio Early Head Start Program
(children from birth – 3 years of age):
$13,000 per year for each child ($60/day)

AVANCÉ San Antonio Head Start Program (children from 3 – 5 years of age):
$7,000 per year for each child

What You Can Do To Help:
Here’s what you can do to help the Harlandale/AVANCÉ Head Start partnership:
Consider helping to cover the costs of this program for one or more children. Make a contribution to the P16Plus Council of Greater Bexar County on behalf of Harlandale/AVANCÉ Head Start Educational Services. (add link to P16Plus donation button)
Consider an “in-kind” contribution based upon what you might bring to AVANCÉ programs. They have many needs.
Volunteer as a mentor or to work in the Pre-K Resource Center.*
Volunteer for activities with parents and children.*
Donate age-appropriate books in English or Spanish.
Involvement of youth and civic organizations is welcome.

* Requires a criminal background check.

For more information:
Phone: (210) 921-7000