NISD Even Start provides family instruction

NISD Even Start provides family instruction

The entire family benefits from educational support at Northside Independent School District.

The Even Start Family Literacy program is a free program for families who reside in Northside school district and have children ages birth to eight years old. This dynamic program provides a three-tier approach to literacy with Even Start, Early On/School Readiness, and Precious Minds New Connections programs.

Even Start, a federally-funded program, offers a school-community partnership designed to break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy by providing projects that enrich language development, extend learning and provide instruction opportunities where parents and children learn together to instill the love of reading and learning. The Even Start program provides various programs to boost literacy development.

• Adult Education – Parents learn basic English and life skills to potentially earn a high school credential.
• Early Childhood Education – Provides an opportunity  for children to learn from birth though eight years old. The literacy program focuses on physical, social emotional and cognitive development.
• Parent Education – Parents are provided with an opportunity to learn alongside their children by covering a large variety of topics including parenting strategies, how to be an advocate and role model to their children and learn tactics to support their child’s learning.
• Literacy Activities – Participants have an opportunity to engage in interactive activities to develop language and literacy.
• Home Visits – The program extends to the child’s home ensuring that parents have the tools and resources to continue learning and development.

Additional Outreach
Two additional programs under Even Start is Early On/School Readiness Program and Precious Minds New Connections.

Early On/School Readiness offers workshops and classes for families whose children who are not yet in school. The classes and workshops cover the following topics: brain development, health and nutrition, language and literacy, social & emotional development and safety & environment. Childcare is provided during the workshops and free meals are provided for adults and children. Program participants earn a certificate after each class. The program, funded by the City of San Antonio, is open to Family, Friends and Neighbors (FEN), non-licensed informal caregivers, babysitters, and parents of children birth to five years of age who live in San Antonio City Council District 6.

Precious Minds New Connections (PMNC) provides parenting education to families and caregivers of young children. The program runs for eight weeks and covers a variety of topics that support early childhood development. The classes are given in English and Spanish through the year. Child care is provided along with a free meal to participating adults and children. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the session and a zoo ticket is given to graduates and their children under four years of age. The program is open to parents, expectant parents, foster parents, grandparents and other caregivers of children under four years of age.

For more information about Even Start, call 210-397-7960.

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Photo Courtesy:  Northside ISD/Precious Minds New Connections