Pre-K 4 SA kicks off the new year with two sites

Pre-K 4 SA kicks off the new year with two sites

It was the first day of school for many children at two new Pre-K 4 SA sites.

Across the city, thousands of children headed back to school, including some very excited four-year-olds at the Pre-K 4 SA Education Centers. Mayor Julián Castro was onsite greeting many of the children and parents.

For many parents, Pre-K 4 SA is an alternative to half-day Pre-Kindergarten, which is the only choice at some school districts. The full-day school option is ideal for working parents.

Two Pre-K 4 SA sites are currently open:
Pre-K 4 SA North
(3635 Medical Drive –former Southwest Airlines Call Center)
Pre-K 4 SA South (2535 SE Military Drive –across the street from Brooks in City Base West).

Plans to open two more centers are slated for 2014. For more information about Pre-K 4 SA Education Centers, click HERE.

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Photo Courtesy: Texas Public Radio