Promoting family involvement in education

Promoting family involvement in education

Head Start and Pre-K 4 SA are emphasizing family involvement in children’s education.

The recent focus of San Antonio education has been on expanding students’ learning to outside the classroom. One way to achieve this is by getting families more involved in their children’s lives. The Head Start and Pre-K 4 SA programs have done just that.  

Head Start promotes parental, teacher, and community collaboration with early child development. Having a strong support system is important because it develops a child’s language and communication skills, and it does it so in a more personal way. The program also provides health and nutrition services to families. Head Start has proven to be effective. A 2010 study showed noticeable improvements for students at risk of dropping out because of a concentration on family support.

Pre-K 4 SA is a new program that includes the construction of education centers. Each includes a Parent Cafe, which features counselors and social workers who facilitate fatherhood activities and leadership classes to kids who lack the necessary support at home. The program also encourages parents to help their kids with homework and to read to them whenever they can.

With the support from programs such as Head Start and Pre-K 4 SA, our children’s futures are looking bright.

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