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P16Plus Begins Asset Mapping Survey Project

P16Plus Begins Asset Mapping Survey Project

The data collection project is a huge undertaking, but with the cooperation of city-wide partners, P16Plus is taking the lead to collect and analyze student services data.

The P16Plus Council of Greater Bexar County (P16Plus) will be administering a Student Program and Services Mapping Survey in partnership with SA2020 and Educate Texas. The online survey is currently underway and additional surveys targeting different grade levels will be sent to our respective partners.

The mapping will allow us to gather information about programs and services contributing to the achievement of academic and attainment benchmarks established by the SA2020 process and by P16Plus. We will map entities and their services to age and grade categories from Pre-K through college.

Some of our partners have already received an online link to complete the Secondary/Post Secondary survey. You can PREVIEW the survey prior to completing the online surveys below:

PREVIEW Secondary/Post Secondary Organizations
PREVIEW Secondary/Post Secondary SCHOOLS survey.

If you haven’t already completed the surveys that were recently emailed, you may COMPLETE the online survey by accessing the links below.

Complete the Secondary/Post Secondary ORGANIZATIONS Survey
• If your are a ORGANIZATION that provides services to middle or high school students, please click HERE to complete the survey.

Complete the Secondary/Post Secondary SCHOOLS Survey
• If your are a SCHOOL or COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY that provides services to students, please click HERE to access the online survey.

The online surveys are available on Survey Monkey and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Previewing the surveys will help participants gather the information needed prior to beginning the online survey. NOTE: Because the survey is online, answers will not be saved until you complete the survey.

If your organization would like to participate in this survey, please do so by completing an online survey. Feel free to share this P16Plus web site link to your community partners.

Additional Surveys
Community partners who service the needs of children in Pre-K (ages 0-5) and Kinder – 5th Grade will also have an opportunity to complete service and programs survey. If you belong to an organization that offers services to these target audiences or know of someone, please share the following information with them.

Survey PDF Copies (Preview the surveys)
PREVIEW Pre-K Providers Survey PDF copy
PREVIEW Kinder – 5th Grade SCHOOLS PDF copy (ISD Schools only)
PREVIEW Kinder – 5th Grade Providers PDF copy (Organizations servicing these ages groups)

Complete the Pre-K Providers Survey (Click HERE).

Complete the Kinder – 5th Grade SCHOOLS Survey (ISD Schools Only – Click HERE)

Complete the Kinder – 5th Grade Organizations Survey (Organizations only – Click HERE)

Learn about SA2020
Learn about Educate Texas