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P16Plus Hosts U.S. Department of Ed

P16Plus Hosts U.S. Department of Ed

White House officials made their way to San Antonio, and the week-long visit began with a series of meetings with Greg Darnieder, Special Assistant to the Secretary on College Access in the U.S. Department of Education.

P16Plus Council of Greater Bexar County hosted a reception to welcome Darnieder and gave him an opportunity to meet with partnering board members from P16Plus Council, San Antonio Education Partnership (SAEP), Generation Texas San Antonio and SA2020, who all have been working closely on education programs targeting college access, graduation completion, retention and PreK-3rd reading initiatives. The reception included opening remarks from P16Plus Chairman Bartell Zachry, Mayor Julián Castro, SAEP Chairman Steve Potter and Generation Texas San Antonio Chairman Al Silva, who introduced Darnieder.

During his visit, Darnieder attended sessions that addressed college access in San Antonio, trends in college advising and best practices, trends in data collection and distribution, graduation rates, and the economy’s impact on college access. At a Roundtable with area superintendents of schools and Mayor Julián Castro, Darnieder identified challenges and joined in a problem-solving dialogue with Mayor Castro and educators.

The week-long visit concludes with a Town Hall meeting scheduled at cafécollege with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Mayor Castro and on Friday, Secretary Duncan will keynote a White House Hispanic Community Action Summit at Fox Tech High School, 637 N. Main Avenue.