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P16Plus Invited to Share Collective Impact Action

P16Plus Invited to Share Collective Impact Action

P16Plus attends first-ever StriveTogether Expert Convening.

By invitation-only, P16Plus Council of Greater Bexar County is participating in a two-day StriveTogether Expert Convening in Salt Lake City to share insight on collective impact and data-driven action. As an endorsed Sustaining Member from StriveTogether, P16Plus serves as a backbone organization supporting a shared community education vision while using data to drive decision-making.

P16Plus is one of six sites attending this event, as it is intended for the most advanced network partnerships. The agenda includes action-based conversations about policy initiatives, campaigns, school-based work and collaborative action. Our discussions throughout the convening will ultimately help inform the StriveTogether curriculum for cradle to career partnerships across the country.

“Perhaps what is most exciting about the P16Plus Council is how your work is informing the broader collective impact efforts in San Antonio,” StriveTogether Executive Director Jeff Edmonson said. “The lessons you’ve learned in using data will not only inform local partners, but national partners as well.”

“These participants are well beyond getting to a common vision and selecting common outcomes and indicators,” Cradle to Career Network Senior Director Jennifer Blatz said. “What these partnerships are wrestling with, in the advanced stages of the work, is what type of actions – be it a campaign, school-based work, a collaboration of service providers, or any other host of actions – move outcomes for kids. That’s what we’ll be talking about in Salt Lake City.”

We are excited to meet other leaders from: All Hands Raised in Multnomah County, Oregon; Milwaukee Succeeds in Wisconsin; The Commit! Partnership in Dallas County, Texas; StrivePartnership in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky; and the E3 Alliance in Austin, Texas.

If you’d like to learn more about the discussion this week, join the conversation on Twitter by following @StriveTogether and #actionSLC.