NASA is offering a variety of internships, fellowships, and scholarships for STEM students.

Members of the Center for Education Reform (CER) received a tour of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center last month (GSFC is an organization that builds spacecraft and other instruments to study the universe).  NASA‘s goal was to encourage young people to major in the STEM fields.

Tour guides stressed the importance of STEM programs as a gateway for young people looking to join the job force. Students learned about NASA’s One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) and The Optimus Prime (OP) challenge, 2 ground breaking programs designed to motivate and prepare young people for STEM careers.  Interns at NASA have completed remarkable projects under these programs, including one girl who created a virtual 3D world from scratch. This would not have been possible without her prior involvement in STEM programs.

CER intern Tigran Avakyan, who toured GSFC, wrote about his experience. “STEM education programs are nurturing and growing the minds of students,” Avakyan said.  “Organizations such as NASA do their part in bringing their students into the workforces where they can further develop their skills by applying them to real world problems.”

With more and more organizations like NASA promoting science & engineering, the STEM workforce has a promising future.


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Photo Courtesy: NASA